Today 'Artashat cannery' OJSC offers the population of the republic and many countries in the world ecologically pure, superior quality products of sixty different kinds. The products are processed with a special technology and come in packages that meet international standards.

     Following the principle 'Quality index is the degree of customer’s satisfaction', the company carefully analyses the demands and suggestions of the consumers and strives to satisfy them to the highest extent.

     The products of the cannery are made from fruits and vegetables, that absorb ultra-violet rays of Armenian Highland, are saturated with organic fertilizers of mountain springs and have an exceptional aroma and taste. In addition to this, no chemical reagents are used when canning. Before being processed, the raw materials undergo a thorough microscopic laboratory analysis to determine their concentration of neutrals and pesticides concentration.

     It is noteworthy that 'Artashat cannery' OJSC lab network received the state accreditation. It is equipped with unique modern measuring instruments, devices and substances, which make it possible to conduct all the necessary timely and quick analyses of raw materials and finished products.
“Artashat Cannery” OJSC
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