Since 2010 ‘Artashat cannery' OJSC represents the lemonade ‘Natakhtari’ of EFES BEER GROUP on the Armenian market. Natakhtari is presented in Armenia in 6 different types; pear, silky wormwood, lemon, peach, saperavi and cream.

     Starting from 2010 ‘Artashat cannery' OJSC begins to import to Armenia the mineral water 'Borjomi' of IDS Borjomi Georgia. The latter is presented in Armenia in 4 types; 0,33l glass bottle, 0,5l glass bottle, 0,5l plastic bottle and 1l plastic bottle.
     Today ‘Artashat Cannery’ OJSC is enjoying a big fame in Armenia as well as abroad. Production of the factory is realized in the commodity sign ARTFOOD. The company exposes and reprocesses about 40000 ton agricultural product every year. 35% of the production is exported. 60% of tomato paste is exported to Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
“Artashat Cannery” OJSC
Address: Artashat, Ogostosi 23 st., 145, RA
Tel.: +374 235 262 75, +374 10 282 382
Fax: +374 235 213 08
Yerevan Branch: Yerevan, Shiraki 90/2 st.
Tel.: +374 10 467 772
Fax: +374 10 467 277