Thanks to their ecological purity, exceptional taste and great content of vitamins the fruits and vegetables of Ararat valley, fresh or canned, have been in great demand by the population of Armenia and many other countries of the world since long time ago.
     Early in 1950s the objective of development of agricultural production and creation of processing and canning enterprises and sites was set.

     The first processing site was established in Artashat in 1958 with the output of 1000 tons of agricultural products a year, which in 1961 became a separate cannery for agricultural products. In 1970 the necessity arose to enlarge the enterprise and increase the output of processing to 20000 tons of tomatoes and 4000 tons of fruits (berries) a year. In 1982, the enterprise was equipped with the new tomato-processing production line, which made it possible to process 40000 tons annually.

     In 1990-1998, the social-economic and political situation in the republic aggravated. In this challenging period, ‘Artashat Cannery’ OJSC managed to retain all of its technological equipment, property and means of work. It was this stable condition of the enterprise even at the very first stages of growth of almost destructed agriculture became the basis for active cooperation of undertakers-proprietors with the company.

     During its growth and development the company worked hard to improve the quality and the taste of its products, as well as constantly increased its range. The volume of production increased every year. The cannery is a growing and developing organization till this day. It now produces over 10 000 tones of cans. 

     The products of ‘Artashat Cannery’ OJSC are consumed under the name ARTFOOD that is well known both in Armenia, and abroad. The president and the chief director of the company is Vachagan Karapetyan.
“Artashat Cannery” OJSC
Address: Artashat, Ogostosi 23 st., 145, RA
Tel.: +374 235 262 75, +374 10 282 382
Fax: +374 235 213 08
Yerevan Branch: Yerevan, Shiraki 90/2 st.
Tel.: +374 10 467 772
Fax: +374 10 467 277