... in 1958 with the output of 1000 tons of agricultural products a year, which in 1961 became a separate cannery for agricultural products. In 1970 the necessity arose to enlarge the enterprise and increase the output of processing to 20000 tons of tomatoes and 4000 tons of fruits (berries) a year. In 1982, the enterprise was equipped with the new tomato-processing production line, which made it possible to process 40000 tons annually.
In 1990-1998, the social-economic
...conditions of the employees the company has been awarded with a number of gold and silver medals, as well as various diplomas. In 2002, 'Artashat cannery' OJSC was awarded with ISO 9001-2000 'quality management system' international certificate....
...The products of the cannery are made from fruits and vegetables, that absorb ultra-violet rays of Armenian Highland, are saturated with organic fertilizers of mountain springs and have an exceptional aroma and taste. In addition to this, no chemical reagents are used when canning. Before being processed, the raw materials undergo a thorough microscopic laboratory analysis to determine their concentration of neutrals and pesticides concentration...
...'Quality material is not quality product itself.' Having production of only high-quality products as the main objective, 'Artashat cannery' OJSC hires highly skilled and experienced specialists, develops special technological procedures and system, thanks to which model hygiene and sanitary technical conditions of industrial process are maintained. The usage of authentic national recipes is being implemented, and the factory provides its consumers with high quality...
...Since 2010 ‘Artashat cannery' OJSC represents the lemonade ‘Natakhtari’ of EFES BEER GROUP on the Armenian market. Natakhtari is presented in Armenia in 6 different types; pear, silky wormwood, lemon, peach, saperavi and cream.
Starting from 2010 ‘Artashat cannery' OJSC begins to import to Armenia the mineral water 'Borjomi' of IDS Borjomi Georgia...
     The products of ‘Artashat Cannery’ OJSC are consumed under the name ARTFOOD that is well known both in Armenia, and abroad. Today 'Artashat cannery' OJSC offers the local and foreign consumers ecologically pure, superior quality products of sixty different kinds. The products are processed with a special technology and come in packages that meet international standards.
“Artashat Cannery” OJSC
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