Pickled Vegetables

Tomato paste 0.250/0.500/0.720/1l
Assorted 1.5l
Pickled cucumber 0.720/1.5/3l
Grape leaves 0.720/1l
Tomato in its own juice 1l
Appetite 0.720l
Marinated hot pepper 0.720l
Aubergine paste 0.350/0.500l
Pickled gumbo 0.500l
Adjika 0.446l
Pickled meadow saxifrage 0.720l
Pickled Solomon’s sea 0.720l
Pickled leads 0.215l
Pickled fennel 0.720l
Pickled chervil 0.720l
Green peas 0.720l
Baked aubergines and peppers 1l
Pickled tomato 1l
Pickled Wild Leek 0.720l
Stuffed pepper 0.580l
Delicate pepper 0.580l
Green beans 0.720/1l
Lecho 0.720l
Imam Bayaldi 0.500l
Pickled chili peppers with oil and garlic 0.500l

Apricot jam 0.446l
Nut preserve 0.314/0.400l
Rose petal preserve 0.250l
Raspberry preserve 0.314l
Blackberry preserve 0.314l
Cornelian cherry preserve 0.314l
Cherry preserve 0.314l
Fig preserve 0.314l
Quince preserve 0.314l
Peach preserve 0.314l

Mayonnaise 0.250/1.0/1.7l
Ketchup Chilly 0.250/0.400l
Ketchup Picnic 0.250/0.400l
Ketchup Classic 0.250/0.400l
Ketchup Eastern 0.250/0.400l
Ketchup Bulgarian 0.250/0.400l
Ketchup 1.8l

Ghaurma 0.730g
Canned stewed meat 0.310/0.425/0.525g
Black olives with pits 425ml
Black olives without pits 425ml
Green olives with pits 425ml
Green olives without pits 425ml
Red olives Alfonso 425ml
Sliced Champignons 425/850ml
Whole Champignons 425/850ml
Sweet Corn 425ml
Sunflower Oil 1l
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