'Quality material is not quality product itself.' Having production of only high-quality products as the main objective, 'Artashat cannery' OJSC hires highly skilled and experienced specialists, develops special technological procedures and system, thanks to which model hygiene and sanitary technical conditions of industrial process are maintained. The usage of authentic national recipes is being implemented, and the factory provides its consumers with high quality canned products.
     The factory has expanded in 1970 and has been rebuilt thoroughly. Instead of the previous one workshop, the new workshops for the production of the juices, vegetable and fruits cans, tomato paste have been delivered and installed in the factory.
     Conveyer of Yugoslavian production brands AC-550 was placed in 1982 in the factory, which enabled an opportunity to remake 550 tons of tomato in one day. Besides, in 1990, the Yugoslavian company "Edinstvo" placed in the factory a conveyer for aseptic production of the juices and their observance, consisting of the pasterization systems and 40 tankers (not rusting from the steel) each with 50000 liters capacity.
     In 1999, thanks to the credits received from The World Bank, The Department of Agriculture of USA, and Swiss “Andre Group” was acquired and delivered for the exploitation a conveyer of Italian company FBR Elpo for the pouring of the tomato paste into the sacks and barrels with the power of 3500 kilograms per hour. Sauce of the tomato paste was being produced only in glass barrels till the acquisition of the Italian conveyer. After 1999 60% of sauce of the tomato paste is produced with the aseptic sacks and barrels living quantity of which is being exported to Russia, Ukraine and other countries. The rest of the quantity of the produced tomato paste is issued in glass barrels which is satisfying inner demands of the market. The tomato besides purveying on sauce of the tomato paste is also used in the production of other canned food (marinade, ketchup, peeled tomato in its own juice, etc.).
     In 2002 the exploitation of a Bulgarian conveyer of pouring of the tomato paste has started.
     ‘Artashat cannery’ OJSC began the production of the green peas for the first time within Armenia in 2005, which was completely imported before. A Hungarian modern conveyer was input which consists of 2 parts: reprocessing of the green mass (is placed in Hrazdan) and reprocessing of the peas (is placed at the factory). Part of preliminary reprocessing of a conveyer was placed in the village Qaghsi in Hrazdan. The company imported seeds of green peas of high quality from Holland and distributed them among people of villages Qaghsi, Fantan and Solak. The company signed contracts with the latter and started to process all their harvest.
     As of production of the green peas was unknown in Armenia, high-quality specialists from Hungary were invited for consulting: agriculturist and technologist whose consultation helped the villagers receive considerable harvest and aloud the factory to get high quality products.
     In 2006 new conveyer for the production of the tomato paste from Italian company "FBR Elpo" begun its exploitation.
     In 2007, conveyer of the company "FBR Elpo" for the production of fruit puree was brought. All the production was exported.
     In the same year, conveyers of the production of the ketchup and mayonnaise have also been acquired.    
     The capital of the inputs performed in that period of time is more than 650 million drams.
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