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"Artashat Cannery" OJSC is one of the leading and largest companies in food industry in Armenia. It is a continually growing and expanding company with a capacity to produce up to 40 million canned goods annually and continues to increase the production volumes. Its history dates back to 1961 when the company started its own small production facility.

The mission which “Artashat Cannery” OJSC set to itself from the very first days of the company was to provide only high-quality food products which would improve one’s quality of life. The company presents Artfood, Janarat and Like a Chef brands in the assortment of vegetables, marinades, jams, compotes, canned food and sauces, as well as Amare, Natura and Vitamix brands with various fruit juices.

"Artashat Cannery" OJSC is the only producer in the EAEU to use Italian Cavalieri production line. The company has been awarded with dozens of medals and diplomas for its high-quality products and compliance with international standards.

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Artashat Cannery OJSC was founded in 1961 as a single small manufactory with capacity to produce up to 100 tons of canned food annually.

Manufactories for processing 20,000 tons of tomatoes and 4,000 tons of fruit per year were opened.
The company was equipped with new Yugoslavian tomato-processing production line, which made it possible to process 40000 tons of tomatoes annually.
A 2000-tonne temporary storage facility for fruit and vegetable semi-processed products was built.
An Italian “FBR-Elpo” line, with a capacity of 3500 kg per hour, for filling the aseptic sacks and barrels with tomato paste was put into operation.

The international system of quality control ISO 9001 (2000) was implemented in the company.

The company first started production of canned green peas in Armenia and introduced a modern Hungarian production line.

The new Italian production line of tomato paste “FBR-Elpo” was put into operation.

The production line "FBR-Elpo" for fruit puree was utilized, with all of its production being exported.
For 2008 the production volume has reached 6.8 thousand tons. 65% of the products were exported to CIS and other countries. During this year the company processed about 40 000 tons of agricultural raw materials.

The company started producing high quality juices and nectars. From world-renowned companies’ modern equipment for the production of natural juices and nectars have been acquired. The products are now manufactured using “Pure Pak” packaging made by “Elopak”.

A new manufactory was opened. The leading Cavalieri equipment for tomato processing was put into exploitation.
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