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05 August, 2021

The good news: dozens of audits and certifications passed successfully

Artashat cannery has successfully passed dozens of certifications and audits. Such as:

  1. In 2021 the certification of the International Food Safety Management System FSSC v 5.1,
  2. It is registered in the system of USA Food and Drug Administration FDA,
  3. Registered in European REX system: the Registered Exporter System,
  4. The audit by Heinz company,
  5. The audit by VkusVill the biggest Russian chain of stores,
  6. The audit by X5 Group: the owner of Russian 961 stores largest chain,
  7. The audit by Billa,
  8. The audit by Fozzy hypermarkets chain,  
  9. The audit by Silpo Ukrainian retail corporation that operates a chain of grocery stores,
  10. The audit by Utkonos,
  11. The audit by Yandex Lavka Russian largest chain of online stores.


The companies and organizations used to audit 3 main directions:

  • The full cycle of food production: the growing conditions of vegetables and fruits, procurement, all the production processes, storage and supply of canned products, until it arrives to the buyer.
  • The laboratory tests to check food safety and quality, to assure, that it matches to the standards.
  • On the spot audit.

In addition to the mentioned certifications and audits we can proudly state, that Artashat Cannery products are exported to mostly all the continents of the world, to 23 countries and each year the geography of exported countries has been enlarged. Only in the condition of full audit of food safety and product quality the canned items can be exported to such countries as: USA, Europe, post-Soviet Union and Arab world countries.

This is to assure, that Artfood, Janarat, Amare and Like a chef products produced by Artashat Cannery are high quality, matching to the different international standards and even to some specific standards of exported countries.