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20 July, 2021

Private label Яндекс Лавка "Из Лавки" tomato and peach fresh squeezed juices

Яндекс Лавка one of the Russian top companies trusts in Artashat cannery for its private label production. The idea of this project and stores is to deliver high quality food and products to its customers in a short period of time. One can order beginning from fresh squeezed juice, diary products ending with ready dishes via website or application.
In June 2021, the audit to check the production processes and quality was organized by Яндекс Лавка at Artashat cannery along with other audits of international companies around 10 in total during only June-July months. Яндекс Лавка cooperates with Artashat cannery already the 2nd year since 2020 and trusts to produce tomato and apricot juices under private label named "Из Лавки".
Tomato juices are produced by tastiest varieties grown in Artashat valley – Noy, Anahit, Rio grande. As per peach juices it is produced by varieties of Narinj, Zabrany and Cardinal.